Who is this mysterious Maingron?

Hello, my name is Robin and I'm 22 years old.
I am a web developer from Bavaria in Germany.
Currently I am a trainee as IT Specialist for Application Development.
I like controlled chaos. ūüé≤

Latest News

: Custom Clock Pre-release 0.2

Custom Clock 0.2 got released. My available time will now focus more on this project.

: imageFormatFallback.js development

Development on imageFormatFallback.js will slow down and eventually stop entirely.
There are non-js alternatives out there. Currently the project is on hold and will soon be finished up for preservation.

: TeamSpeak³ Server

Maingron Services a TeamSpeak 3 Server now. Just join, invite your people and whoosh (literally)!
Connect to: maingron.com

: SMBX 2015 World

When I was much younger, I worked on a world for Super Mario Bros X. I gave it to the Public Domain.
View it over on GitHub

: Ko-fi

You can now buy me a coffee or cookies on ko-fi.com/maingron.
... You know, one needs their cookies. Do you have some for me, please? :)

: Maingron Mail

Maingronmail.com just launched. You can now have your own mailbox hosted by Maingron.
Currently there's no feature to apply, so you have to contact me. You'll then get your mailbox.

: Github Sponsor

I now a Github Sponsor user and you can now support my projects directly on Github.

: imageFormatFallback.js Release

Today I released version 1.0.0 of imageFormatFallback.js on Github.
imageFormatFallback is a script to provide fallback image formats for browsers by using a simple HTML attribute.

: Snow.js Updates

Snow.js got some updates. I've updated pretty much everything. It also runs smoother now.
The project is hosted on Github and it's now easier to use and better "Githubable".

: Twitch Affiliate

We're now a Twitch Affiliate. Thank you all

You can find out more about what's currently happening over on .

You can find me on multiple platforms:

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Twitch - A livestream every Saturday and Sunday!

Amazon Wishlist - My Amazon wishlist.

itch.io - Here I publish games

Github - See all my projects and maybe contribute to them.

Discord - Want to visit my Discord server? Feel free to come over :)

Instagram - My Instagram account.

Youtube - Sometimes I upload videos there

Youtube Gaming - My German Youtube Channel, where I review games.

Steam - Want to add me as friend on Steam and play games with me? You can do that here :) - My name is Maingron

Nintendo Switch - With this code you can play games on the Nintendo Switch with me: SW-6584-8359-1497