Welcome to maingron.com

Who is that mysterious Maingron?

I am a webdeveloper from Bavaria in Germany.

My name is Robin.

I am born on 09. August 2001.

Currently I am completing my training as a computer specialist for application development. I wanted to work with computers since I was about 7 years old and sat in front of computers since then - Almost every day.

I like Webdevelopment because you can use the same code on so many devices.

I like controlled chaos, like you might be able to see on this website. šŸŽ²

I like to develop some kind of games, though I don't play very much in my free time.

News: maingron.de is now Maingron.com.

You can find me on multiple platforms:

- Here I post updates about everythingā„¢

itch.io - Here I publish games

Youtube - Sometimes I upload videos there

Steam - Want to add me as friend on Steam and play games with me? You can do that here :) PS: Life is strange!

Twitch - In theory I stream here, but no

Instagram - My Instagram account. Yet I don't upload many images there

Patreon - Here you can help me out with my projects by donating a small amount of money or you can just follow me and receive the latest updates.

Discord - Want to visit my Discord server? Feel free to come over :)

Github - See all my projects and maybe contribute to them.

Amazon Wishlist - My Amazon wishlist.

Nintendo Switch - With this code you can play games on the Nintendo Switch with me: SW-SW-4124-5266-211715656584-4156-8359-92831497