Minecraft Crawling


Minecraft Crawling is a Minecraft Adventure map, which started on 24.01.2020. "Minecraft Crawling" is the worktitle.

More Info

The map takes it's inspiration from Antichamber and Half-Life. It should represent a kind of mixture of both.

If you want to help us building the map, you can contact us.

Version: 1.15.2

Release Date:


Maingron minecraft character in a tunnel.
A pretty normal tunnel. ... No, really!

Half-Life styled-ish bridge with a black nothing below it. There's also a nether portal with a person in it.
Don't fall down there! It's deep, but you might not be able to see that 👀

Crawling in some kind of ventilation duct.
Crawling between cold metal. Well, it's actually just re-textured wood..

Minecraft player standing on pipes.
Jumping across perfectly textured pipes

The banner image containing an eye.
If you want to, you can look at the banner ingame.

And yes... While the website is made to sound ironically, this map is actually build on. It should even release eventually.




Project leader