Minecraft Crawling


Minecraft Crawling is a Minecraft Adventure map. Work started on . The initial Minecraft version was 1.15.
"Minecraft Crawling" is the worktitle.

More Info

The map takes it's inspiration from Antichamber and Half-Life. It tries to represent kind of a mixture of both.

If you want to help us building the map, you can contact us.

(Current) Version: 1.16.4

Release Date:



Maingron minecraft character in a tunnel.
A pretty normal tunnel. ... No, really!

Half-Life styled-ish bridge with a black nothing below it. There's also a nether portal with a person in it.
Don't fall down there! It's deep, but you might not be able to see that 👀

Crawling in some kind of ventilation duct.
Crawling between cold metal. Well, it's actually just re-textured wood..

Minecraft player standing on pipes.
Jumping across perfectly textured pipes

3 fluids next to each other in Minecraft.
Now it's 3 fluids. The new one is called Gandalf-Fluid by developer(s).

Many black lines around blocks.
Now there's black lines around groups of blocks. Looks much better than not having black lines.

Minecraft person standing in a white room with a fluid that looks similar to lava.
Tried new shading and stuff. Think that room looks pretty fancy like that. Also you can look at the door in the back 👀




Project leader