I only have one PC and I need a seperate "Container" for a RAID and I need Windows.
So I decided to reach out to Unraid and they sponsored a license. Thank you
Once I have enough HDDs, I can finally start using it like that:

  • RAID Container
  • Windows Container
  • Linux Container
This will all run on the same system and I finally don't have to worry about loosing data or not having enough storage anymore.

For this I use:
AMD Ryzen 2700 @ 3.9 GHZ
3-4 8 TB WD Red HDDs
GTX 1050 Ti OC and maybe an additional GPU

Finally, why I chose Unraid:
Unraid is the only software I found, that does exactly what I need. I don't have to spend additional money on a server and everything is isolated.

Check out Unraid here.

Become a partner

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