Hi, and welcome to a new oddpage. Look at this!

On this page you can c some weird(?) stuff I made. Don't ask why. Thanks 😘

Maingron BluRay with 'Zelda'

Maingron Zelda BluRay

This is what a Zelda BluRay from Maingron could look like. Background is .

Meme saying: Kid:'Mom can I have the Spongebob DVD?' Mom: 'No, we have Spongebob at home!' Spongebob at home: [image]

Meme: Spongebob at Home

A weird looking, drawn face, more or less

Weird Potato Face

Iron Ingot Diamond Gold Ingot

Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot and a Diamond.

Kruhtz holding a Tabasco bottle


I watched a video from Kruhtz on Youtube and saw this. So I decided to screenshot it.

Kruhtz looking like Pumuckl


aka Kruhtzmuckl mit Pipis Haaren als Bart, weil Farbe und so, und als Geist.png

Kruhtz having a buttery beard


The famous Youtuber / Twitch Streamer Kruhtz, but with a buttery beard.

A frog/dragon thingy


Icon of Todesschabe but evil


Old Kruhtzhype emote but in very odd


Kruhtz looking very angry, wearing a spike helmet from Super Mario Maker and having Mario feet

KruhtzKaizo Emoji

A Discord Emoji for the Official Kruhtz Discord server I created spontaneously.

An Eggplant with the face of the Mee Bot


A very blurry image which reads 'Triggered' below it.


This photo of me was screenshotted from the TV and then that...

° ‿ °

This is the End.
You can't go back further in time!