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MainOS is some kind of Operating System in the browser.
Originally I, Maingron, tried to make it look like Windows XP, but now it's going its own way.

Everything began, when I started working where I work now. I made a traineeship in the company, in that I work now and I was told to learn CSS on my own, which I did. When I felt confident enough, I started developing the first version of MainOS. Funfact: I think MainOS is the reason i got offered a training space in my company.

Originally I just took MainOS home, published to show it to people and said, that there won't be any future updates. .... But there were updates.

Yet I'm still only one person working on MainOS, which is a problem. MainOS got so complicated and extensive over the time, that it's really hard to keep up with only one person. If you want to help me, feel free to contact me.

Currently I publish MainOS to If you want to check it out, click on the button below. I'd appreciate if you leave a comment or a rating there.

MainOS on

Right now for free in your browser!

Current targets of MainOS:

One of the main targets has been to make MainOS as small as possible since the project started. Recently I read about CO2 emissions which are caused by the Internet. Now the target is to make it even smaller.

What MainOS can do:

Actually, with MainOS you can't do too much at the moment. Still it's worth a look.
Actual features:

If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me. Just contact me on this page: Also feel free to follow me on or join our Discord Server.

How to help the project:

It would help, if you rate MainOS on, leave a comment and maybe tell your friends about MainOS.
Also if you understand Webdevelopment, you can create programs for MainOS. Yet there isn't really a documentation for developers, but I probably could tell you about the important stuff. Again, just contact me :)

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MainOS Logo
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