Maingron Zelda

Maingron Zelda is a game I'm currently developing. I try to make it look and feel like The Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening. You can see some screenshots of the game below.

Current events regarding Maingron Zelda:

You can submit ideas and room designs:

Currently you can design maps for the game and send me ideas.
There's no list of currently available blocks and enemys, since I'll have to programm them anyways - So just get creative.
You can submit them at the contact page.

Download the image above. You can fill all 9x17 tiles.
When you submit the image, be sure that I'll be able to identify what a tile is supposed to mean.
I appreciate every idea and room design. The creator of each implemented room will be credited in the game.
Please don't steal any designs!

The history and all that stuff about the game:

This is my first "real" game. I already developed MainOS before and I even tried to develop some Jump and Run games, at which I failed.

Playable Demo - Release Date:
Eventually in 2020.

What will be released with the final game:
Aside from the actual game there's a book planned, which contains history, developer comments and sketches.

I've added the first version of a Midi music engine to the game.

On this image I've tried to 3Dify the game. It kinda worked a bit. I wasn't able to make the walls so they look like actual walls in 3D.

A new room and new sprites, which I tried to make.

Fish. Not more to say about that.

Screenshot of Devmode, standing by the "Slicers"

190 degrees rotation is not the same as 180 degrees.