Maingrons Jump and run game

Help/controls/computer: To play the game, click the player (The red thing) and use WASD or the arrow keys

Help/controls/mobile: To play the game, tap the player (The red thing) and use the appearing buttons

Version: Still very Work in progress - Version 0.2b

Version history & Downloads

View/Download old versions here. Don't forget to extract them before running!


About this Version


About Version 0.2b:
Version 0.2b has increased compatibility, which will be removed in Version 0.3 again though. Version 0.2b can now be played in the Internet Exploder.
v0.2b v0.2b


About Version 0.2:
Version 0.2 was developed within about an hour on a friday in the office and is the next version of Version 0.1.

Download Version 0.2:
v0.2 v0.2


About Version 0.1:
Version 0.1 is the first version ofMaingrons jump and run game.
Total working time: About 3 hours.

Download Version 0.1: