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About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is a nice game, which you can play once or twice with your friends. Enough content to laugh for about 10 minutes.
The game is available for iOS, Android and on Steam.
What you can find in the game: Oddity, Love and Hugs. Plug and Play was published on 2.2.2015 by Etter Studio.

About the developers

You can find the developers on Twitter:
They also have a website:

My opinion

If you want to play the game just for yourself, it's not worth buying it, but if you want to make a Let's Play or play it with a friend, it's totally worth it. Don't buy it though, if you don't want to laugh.

Get the game

Get the game for iOS: Plug and Play for iOS
Get the game for Android: Plug and Play for Android
Get the game on Steam: Plug and Play for Steam

Author: Maingron
Date of writing: 23.06.2019

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