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About Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil was firstly published on 11.11.2003 by Ubisoft.
The leading developer was Michel Ancel, which is, in my opinion, a wonderful person. Michel Ancel has also developed games like the Rayman series.
Beyond Good and Evil is available for the computer (Steam, Uplay), Xbox, GameCube and many more consoles.
An HD version is also available for Xbox 360.
You are allowed to play Beyond Good and Evil, when you're 12 years old or older (USK).

About the developers

Like I mentioned above, Michel Ancel was the leading developer of Beyond Good and Evil. Currently he's working on Beyond Good and Evil 2.
Official Website: good and evil hd

My opinion

I firstly played the game on a Xbox, when I was around 7 years old. I already really liked the game back then, but I was never brave enough, to fight against enemys back then, so my sister had to fight for me.
The game has a great humor and a fairly great story. Most of the time everything has a green tint, which I really like, for some reason.

Once you've played the game and like it, you'll probably play it completely, maybe multiple times. Luckily the developers are finally working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, which was long awaited from all fans, including me. I'd totally recommend you to buy the game and play it, especially if you plan to play Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Oh, and....

If you're trying to get every Mdisk, you will probably run into problems. Keep this link in mind:

Get the game

Get the game on Steam: Beyond Good and Evil on Steam

Author: Maingron
Date of writing: 22.09.2019

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