German Earthbound Patch by GlostU

On this site you can find the Maingron Version of GlostU's German Earthbound Patch.

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This custom patch originated in one of the Maingron Livestreams on Twitch.
In the first stream we played another German patch that kept crashing and wasn't very nice.
Eventually GlostU joined the stream and announced that he just made his own German patch.
For fun I, Maingron, asked, if he could make a custom patch containing Wurstsalat to which GlostU responded with yes.
Since the following stream, we were playing the custom patch. Thank you, GlostU :)

You can find the normal German patch on GlostU's Github page


Below you can see some screenshots of the Maingron-customized German EarthBound Patch

Game Disclaimer
Titlescreen of the game
Player Configurations
Textbox while talking to porky
Map of Onett
Wurstsalat shop
Winning a fight




EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.2]

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.2].bps
SHA1: 99e8231e45aeef30e9841763a8aafb98f116f849
md5: 8d9ab658c5a3652229dd9f288559f76d

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.2].bps.gz
SHA1: 746d3c867a4fdb50195d4b77ff01215e1aac0c88
md5: 7b8bc8c7c14ac39b4351a6e8f88c65e6

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.1]

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.1].bps
SHA1: b8f0a6a98785b0f5f286584c399627f201f10a23
md5: 7479e6183ee33019587b36c56f93a40a

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.1].bps.gz
SHA1: 3cd7933f32ca63f15edb81c007a9abc55b8ddc0d
md5: ea416cc882405cd471e4d62e17576f36

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.0]

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.0].bps
SHA1: 84fd0855d366c21f23c56cdc55b4331c9ce9ddc1
md5: 648125e3d2ed77060134acd73a624187

EarthBound GlostU - Maingron (DE) [1.0].bps.gz
SHA1: 60a5c79925237184e8c52a198be6265c1f10e8c0
md5: b076dcec16789ac5279e6d237574eb0d

Non-Custom German Patch

About the creator

Hello there,
I am GlostU, the creator of this German EarthBound patch.
You can find me on .