Who is this mysterious Maingron?

Hello, my name is Robin and I'm 18 years old.
I am a web developer from Bavaria in Germany.
Currently I am a trainee as IT Specialist for Application Development.
I like controlled chaos. 🎲

Hiring for testing:

Currently I accept requests for testing games, software and websites. I have a talent to find bugs within seconds.
I don't really know about pricing yet, so I might end up testing some stuff for free, but I'll tell you after you've mailed me.
Visit the contact page to find my mail address.
If you want to see my projects first, you can take a look below or take a look at my Github to also find Bug reports.

My projects

A small preview of my projects.
The full project list is available here

You can find me on multiple platforms:

- Here I post updates about everything™

itch.io - Here I publish games

Youtube - Sometimes I upload videos there

Youtube Gaming - My German Youtube Channel, where I review games.

Steam - Want to add me as friend on Steam and play games with me? You can do that here :) - My name is Maincron

Twitch - A livestream every Saturday!.. At least I try :x

Instagram - My Instagram account. Yet I don't upload many images there

Patreon - Here you can help me out with my projects by donating a small amount of money or you can just follow me and receive the latest updates.

Discord - Want to visit my Discord server? Feel free to come over :)

Github - See all my projects and maybe contribute to them.

Amazon Wishlist - My Amazon wishlist.

Nintendo Switch - With this code you can play games on the Nintendo Switch with me: SW-SW-4124-5266-211715656584-4156-8359-92831497